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October 20, 2013

Can all face to face training be successfully converted to e-Learning?

by newchapterlearning

As e-Learning has become more and more popular as a learning delivery medium, training designers have increasingly come under pressure to deliver even those topics, which would have traditionally only been delivered in a workshop environment, as e-Learning instead. This brings into question if there are any content boundaries where e-Learning would be totally inappropriate as a delivery medium.

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August 5, 2013

InsideOut Leadership Development Program – Bringing Learning and Outdoor Activities Together

by newchapterlearning
Taking the learning InsideOut

Taking the learning InsideOut

BOOK NOW for InsideOut Leadership Development Program – Starting on 25th September – Moor House Adventure Centre Durham

Are you a manager who wants to be a leader? 

Do you want to lead your team and help it grow? 

Does the prospect of learning simple to understand and practical steps to become that leader sound interesting? 

Do you want to learn in a great environment and put your learning into immediate practice within an outdoor setting?

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July 27, 2013

What’s your internal Customer Service like?

by newchapterlearning

your-people-bannerHow good is the Customer Service you give to your internal customers .i.e. your colleagues?

We know that some businesses have a key focus on their Customer Service, but this focus is very much targeted at external customers. How much better would staff relations and productivity be if businesses applied the same thinking to their internal customers?

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July 23, 2013

InsideOut Leadership Development

by newchapterlearning


Leadership skills that make a difference.

Are you a leader who wants to inspire their team? Do you want to have motivated staff with a mix of key skills? Do you want to encourage team members to lead themselves and their team towards a common goal? And do you want to understand what an ideal team looks like?

The InsideOut Leadership Development Programme will support you with all of these. The Programme is designed to give you a kick start to understanding how to build an even more successful team. It very much focusses on the role you as an individual play in that team building process. It mixes face to face theoretical learning with outdoor practical activities and gives you an immediate opportunity to put your learning into practice within a fun environment.

Taking the learning forward

New Chapter Learning are very passionate about bringing learning to life outside of the ‘classroom’. Unlike some Leadership Programmes they have built in embedding activities for you to take away and work on with your team. They want to be certain that your learning is built on from your initial face to face course and goes on to make a real difference to your team too.

How to make your training make a difference to your team

They do this by including a variety of ‘buzz’ sessions in the Programme. These buzz sessions have been designed to be easily integrated within a team meeting or alternatively as standalone sessions. Whichever way you choose to use them, they will definitely bring the learning to life in your business and ensure that the InsideOut Leadership Development Programme goes on to impact your whole team in a positive way.

More besides…

It doesn’t stop there. They continue to give you ongoing support for the next three months too. With extra motivational contacts, new monthly buzz sessions and the opportunity to join the exclusive InsideOut Learning Community on Facebook. You get the opportunity to share your experiences and successes with other Leaders who’ve benefited from this Programme too.

What’s covered in the Programme?

The Programme focuses on four specific topics:-

  1. Your role in your team
  2. Celebrating success
  3. Sharing skills
  4. Moving forward together

What previous delegates have said

The feedback and evaluation results from the Programme have been exceptional. Here’s what some previous delegates had to say:-

“An excellent course”

“Engaging, thought provoking and challenging”

“Enjoyable and fun and linked to learning”

“Impactful, Fun and Challenging”

What results have been seen

Evaluation results showed an overall uplift in knowledge of 48.9%.

How do I find out more?

Full details of the course can be found on our website:

When’s the next Course Date and Where?

The next course starts on Wednesday 25th September. You can find full details and book onto the course via Eventbrite. If you’d like to see the first course day in action, why not have a look at our Youtube video and see what your first day on the Programme might involve and see and hear previous delegate testimonials.