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May 6, 2014

What makes training great?

by newchapterlearning
The question is....

The question is….

So what is it that makes for a really great training course. I’ve been privileged to be training a Customer Service Programme for the last few weeks and had some excellent feedback from my delegates, including the plaudit of being ‘the best trainer they’ve had’ and ‘the best course they’ve been on’, so what made the difference?

Was it the sweets I had on the tables? Was it the trainer toys a plenty? Was it the funny stories I told to bring the learning to life? Was it relating the learning directly to the learners day job? Was it being open and honest and being comfortable with the group injecting some fun and laughter into the classroom? or was it the course content being informative, engaging and diverse or indeed a combination of all of the above?

How many courses have you been on where you’re constantly checking your watch wondering when you can escape or asking yourself why you’re even on the course?

Let me ask you, when you’ve been on a great training course what is it that’s set it apart and made it great?