The Challenge of Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning.

by newchapterlearning

Whether you’re delivering training in the private sector and being judged on the quality of your learning by your stakeholders, or in the public sector, with the quality of your learning being reviewed under the Common Inspection Framework (CIF), by Ofsted, the key for both designers, deliverers and training departments and companies as a whole, is to make sure that the quality of their training is of the highest standard. Quality can only be built, maintained and improved by having quality measures, assessment and reviews in place to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

What can Training do to build a Quality Framework Model? 

It’s probably easiest to break down the answer to this question into 5 distinct areas for consideration:-

  • Understand what the learning gap is – What’s the problem that needs training to fix it?
  • Find out what solution will best fit the gap – What needs including and how best to get that message across?
  • Design of a robust, impactful and learner centred training solution – How to include all of the content you need and do it in an engaging and cost effective way, while making the desired difference?
  • Quality delivery of the training solution – How to ensure that the delivery of the training, whether face to face or otherwise is the best it can be?
  • Continuous assessment, review and update of materials. With feedback and ongoing development of training designers and deliverers – How to make sure your training is the best it can be each time, every time?

From getting the fundamentals right from the outset .i.e. making sure you know what needs to change as a result of the training you’re designing and delivering, to making sure the content is designed with the learner in mind and with their input, is fundamental to the successful build of a training solution that hits the mark once it’s delivered. Having standard templates and design standards that every member of your team adheres to is a great way of having consistent quality in your training materials.

Having trainers who are consistently coached and reviewed on their delivery style or having expert elearning designers and builders working in your team. The delivery is equally as important as the content itself.

Having quality processes, procedures and measures in place at every stage, is essential to the delivery of the highest quality of training. Even evaluating the success of your delivery and measuring the difference it’s made to your customer or business can determine its’ quality.

When any one step is missed, or done halfheartedly, then you stand the risk of the quality suffering.

Have you got a Quality Framework in place in your training and what difference has it made?

Share with the readers what you’ve found useful when it comes to designing and delivering quality training.

New Chapter Learning are a training company based in the North of England who help people who Plan, Design and Deliver Training

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