New Chapter Learning – putting training at the forefront of who we are

by newchapterlearning

New Chapter Learning. One year on.Here we are, New Chapter Learning, one year on. Our first year in business has had a clear focus on a couple of aspects of what we do – Customer Service and Leadership Development, both linked to clear learning interventions.

Our 4As Customer Service Superhero Program is designed and almost ready for launch in its’ eLearning format and our InsideOut Leadership Program has proven really successful and is now being rolled out for delivery as a white labelled product.

We now want to share the fundamentals of how we’ve delivered both of these programmes and that’s our expertise as Training Consultants. In addition to helping businesses to deliver great customer service through great training and help leaders grow their skills through our InsideOut Leadership Program, we now want to share what other training expertise we have. We want to help businesses who are Planning to do training, who design training and who deliver training.

Our significant experience of Project Managing Training, Designing training and delivering it in every conceivable format from traditional face to face, to distance and virtual formats and even eLearning within a quality framework environment means that we are ideally placed to support businesses with their training too.

We’ve helped trainers become training designers and enhanced the skills of both existing trainers and training designers, we’ve supported businesses in moving their training into a more flexible, online medium and that’s what we want to focus on now.

Our expertise and experience was derived from years working in a corporate Learning and Development environment and now we want to share that expertise with other businesses and training professionals alike. 

We’ll still have some focus on Customer Service and Leadership Development but we’ll now be sharing more information on learning related topics too.

We’ll share our new website with you next month when it’s updated and hope you enjoy another year following our updates.

Thank you


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