Can all face to face training be successfully converted to e-Learning?

by newchapterlearning

As e-Learning has become more and more popular as a learning delivery medium, training designers have increasingly come under pressure to deliver even those topics, which would have traditionally only been delivered in a workshop environment, as e-Learning instead. This brings into question if there are any content boundaries where e-Learning would be totally inappropriate as a delivery medium.

Training professionals know the benefit they’ve seen in many face to face workshop,s especially in instances of leadership development, team building or soft skills. Could the interaction among delegates and sharing of experiences, ever be truly replaced by an interaction with a PC, no matter how rich the learning solution that’s been created.

The question is....

The question is …

What is clear, is that although technology has moved forward at lightening speed, the way human brains absorb knowledge and learn from other human interactions, has certainly not kept pace. There are clearly instances where human interaction, discussion, knowledge and experience sharing are still a critical part of a learning intervention.

As learning professionals it is therefore upto us to use our own experiences to proffer reasoned arguments with those buying our services and persuade them that e-Learning, while a very useful delivery medium, cannot be used in every situation, but rather be used as part of a rich blend of solutions, to use both the best technological advancements available to us, whilst still keeping in mind the delivery of useful and impactful learning.

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6 Comments to “Can all face to face training be successfully converted to e-Learning?”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. While technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds, and has incorporated earning methodologies that work, there are just certain areas and types of learning that cannot be replaced by the human touch.

  2. I think it’s safe to say that there will always be a need for face-to-face learning. After all we are social being and while the ability for interaction though our devices will increase, it won’t replace the need for being in the same room. IMHO being together in one room is a dynamic that I don’t think can be replaced virtually.

  3. Since the first post on this topic I have used every facilitation opportunity to think and investigate whether I would be comfortable doing this via e learning or skype. Thus far, while I would prefer EVERYTHING to be face to face, I estimate that I would be prepared to try about 20% in the e learning format.

    Am I just too “old fashioned”?

    David M Brown – Squiggle HR

  4. Thank you so much for posting this article. This subject has been on my mind for a while now. I agree, e-Learning is not appropriate for all face-to-face training. And, isn’t this wonderful that it isn’t appropriate? I think it’s very dangerous when we stop interacting with each other.

  5. I had my first webinar last week and I can confirm that the content I had chosen would have been appreciated more in a face-to-face session.
    Of course, their are topics about hard facts which can be interactively presented in e-learnings. However, for sustainable learning the whole atmosphere and emotional relatedness with the training setting is not only important but indispensable. Therefore we will need face-to-face learning. I think in most cases a blended learning concept would ensure the economic efficiency and the sustainable effectivity.

    • B”H

      Great post! I feel a bit better as maybe I am not so old fashioned after all. (Or at least not the only one!)
      I have been analyzing each intervention I do with the view to e-learning. I have come to the conclusion that introductory / overview prep type sessions could work, but anything over that I would be very careful as results and transfer of training could become compromised.

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