National Customer Service Week – Top Tip number 5 – Customers Buy Useful Products and Services

by newchapterlearning
Get your customer spending on useful products and services

Get your customer spending on useful products and services

Customers buy useful products and services

Who better to know about your products and services than you. The key to this top tip is that you use your expertise and knowledge to grow the relationship with your customer, building on what they’ve already purchased or what they’re asking to purchase.

Amazon is particularly good at this, showing customers what other purchasers of the same product have also bought and offering them to you as either an alternative or an additional purchasing option.

Do Something Different Today

Give your customers options that they’ve not thought of or you know they might find useful.

Think about your business and perhaps your most common transaction, what would you find useful to be told if you were your customer?

It might be about convenient times to shop, it might be about discounts or even complementary products or services.

Commit to tell at least 5 customers a day about a product or service they’d find useful.

Customers are more likely to buy Products that they can see will be Useful or of benefit to them and their circumstances. Use your expert knowledge to offer your customers products and services that they’d find useful.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks top tips, we have lots more just like these, so feel free to catch up with us if you want to know more.

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