National Customer Service Week – Top Tip number 3 – Saying & Doing Useful Things

by newchapterlearning


Saying & Doing Useful Things

People will have told you in the past that you’ve said or done something that they describe as negative or positive. We’d like you to think of behaviours in a slightly different way and instead think of words and deeds in terms of being ‘Useful’ or ‘Not Useful’.

For example, shouting at someone may be termed as negative, however, if you’re shouting to alert someone of danger, then by changing our language then re-frames the situation to be ‘Useful’ in that instance.

Changing our mindset in this way and thinking of our actions in terms of ‘Useful’ or ‘Not Useful’, then makes it easier for us to work out how to change ‘not useful’ behaviours and actions into ‘useful’ ones.

Do Something Useful Today

Reflect on some of the activities you carry out day to day and categorise them as ‘useful’ and ‘not useful’ .e.g. chatting to colleagues while serving customers, is that ‘useful’ or not useful? Telling customers what you can’t do for them, how useful is that?

When you start to question our words and deeds in terms of how useful they are, you can very quickly focus on doing those things that are most useful and turning around those things that aren’t.

Where you recognise an action as not useful, work out what you need to do differently to turn it into something useful.

We hope you find this tip particularly Useful 🙂

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