National Customer Service Week – Top Tip Number 2 – Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes

by newchapterlearning
Walking in your customers' shoes

Walking in your customers’ shoes

This is the second Top Tip of the Week as part of National Customer Service Week. It’s all about thinking like your customer.

Walk in your customers shoes

What do you call your customers? Are they clients, patients, victims or simply customers? Regardless of the industry you’re in you will have people who come to you for goods or services, whether they pay you directly for those things or pay indirectly through taxes in the case of government related services or through a third party.

Have you ever stopped and thought about what your customers are thinking and feeling when they’re dealing with you as an individual and more broadly with your business?

If you were coming to do business with you for the first time what would you be expecting?

What type of things would you expect when you called into your office, shop, branch, factory, hospital or surgery?

Do Something Different Today

Start right now. Look at where you work as though it’s the first time you’ve experienced it. If your customers visit your premises, look around, listen to how your colleagues are speaking to their customers, what are they saying, how are they saying it? What would you be thinking if this was the first time you’d been here and you were that customer instead of yourself?

If your customers call you, listen to your colleagues, how do they sound, what do they say? If you were on the other end of the phone how would you react to how you’re being dealt with?

If you don’t like something you’re seeing or hearing, reflect back on yourself and decide if you do any of the things you’re noticing. Make sure you change when it’s your turn to deal with a customer next time.

Treat your customer like you’d want to be treated and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Hope you give this a go. And look out for another Top Tip tomorrow.

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