National Customer Service Week – New Chapter Learnings’ Tip of the Day

by newchapterlearning
Give your customers a reason to love you.

Give your customers a reason to love you.

Smile Mondays

As part of National Customer Service Week we’ll be sharing a ‘Tip of the Day’ every day this week. It seems appropriate that our first one’s entitled ‘Smile Mondays’. 

How often have you had to drag yourself out of bed on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend? Has the thought of the first day of your working week being the least appealing of situations? Whether it’s actually a Monday or not, or simply one of those days where you’d rather stay at home or do something else entirely, then it’s those occasions especially where your lack of motivation is more evident to your customers and for that reason you need to try even harder to be positive and welcoming.

So although this tip is entitled ‘Smile Mondays’, in fact it’s useful whenever you’re having one of those days where you’d rather be somewhere else other than work.

Customers can tell the difference in your body language too, even over the phone, so you need to ‘smile and mean it.’

If they see you smiling at them, looking at them eye to eye or in the case of being on the phone with them, that you sound enthusiastic and welcoming, you’re well on the the way to creating a great first impression.

You might be thinking – how important is it if I don’t create a great first impression, everyone I work with does those things all of the time, I’m only one person, if I can’t be bothered, or don’t feel confident doing those things, will it really matter?

The answer is a resounding Yes.

A poor first impression can have a real impact on both your customer and your business.

Do Something Different Today 

Be conscious of your smile.

When there’s no customers around imagine you’ve got that ’smile Monday’ feeling. How would you be standing? What expression would you have on your face? Ask a colleague to tell you what they’d be thinking if they came in now and saw you? What’s their first impression?

Why not repeat this experiment with a colleague to see if they can tell the difference in your body language without them being able to see you to replicate a non face to face interaction. Try answering the phone without smiling. Does your tone of voice differ from when you’re smiling, even if you’re trying to sound happy?

Similarly sit slouched in your chair, rather than sitting upright and see if they can hear a difference?

It is said that people can hear a smile, so one of the key things when answering the phone is smiling before you speak.

Try having a mirror to hand for those ‘smile Monday’ moments so you can line up a smile for your customers.

Hope you give this a go. And look out for another Top Tip tomorrow.

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3 Comments to “National Customer Service Week – New Chapter Learnings’ Tip of the Day”

  1. Very timely article. Today, I heard a lot of complaints around me from colleagues. Something like they don’t feel like working today, they’re sleepy and tired, sort of. I’ll try that experiment and lets see. Maybe it’s not yet too late for today! Thanks.

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