Taking your learning mobile

by newchapterlearning

mobile learning

How big a leap is it to take your learning mobile?

I was lucky enough to be at The World of Learning Conference in Birmingham this week. It was a great opportunity to look at the next step in learning evolution, the world of mobile learning.

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs on learning, you’ll know that I have a real passion for ensuring that learning sticks and that training messages are born out of the classroom with embedding activities being built into every learning program.

Some of the embedding i’ve advocated in the past has included short face to face buzz sessions, mini e-learning, hints and tips and most recently the use of games. This week has shown me that mobile learning is a new ‘must have’ embedding tool to add to my armory.

It was great to hear Wessex Health Trusts story about how they’ve successfully implemented mobile learning into their organisation. Giving remote based staff greater access to learning. And was interesting to note what they’ve learned from the whole experience.

It was particularly useful for me to hear that when you’re an e-learning developer already, the transition to developing mobile learning is a relatively straightforward one. The main difference being the need to use mobile learning strategically and not build too much content into it. You need to keep in mind the hardware your learners will be using to access the learning and keep your learners experience in mind during your development.

Using videos as part of mobile learning is also really useful. It allows for more engagement and helps cover content quickly and move the learning away from what could be viewed as simply an e-book.

From my previous observations on e-learning, mobile learning is not a panacea for all embedding learning, but simply a new tool we can add to our toolbox when creating impactful learning solutions for our clients, it’s definitely being added to mine.

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