What is e-Learning and what is it not?

by newchapterlearning


So what is e-learning? Well the dictionary definition says that e-learning, or ‘electronic’ learning, can be defined as ‘learning that is delivered, enabled or mediated using electronic technology for the explicit purpose of training, learning or development in organisations’.

As we become ever more reliant on technology for everyday living and the expectation of having virtually everything we need ‘on demand’ at the press of a button, so the rise of e-learning and it’s flexibility as a learning delivery medium becomes ever more prevalent. This desire for immediacy though can sometimes mean that businesses push for e-learning as a delivery medium, when perhaps a more traditional method may actually be a better solution, though perhaps not as easily deliverable in a fast paced environment. This can be particularly true in contact centres, where demands on off the phone time can be a key driver in performance and therefore the push for learning solutions which are flexible and fast to deliver are a very appealing proposition.

As with any type of learning though, the most important aspect of any learning solution is its’ effectiveness. So despite the many benefits afforded to e-learning as a delivery medium it should only be used in instances where the content is suited to this delivery medium and not as a panacea.

Have you experienced an increased pressure to design training in e-learning when you as training professionals are recommending a more traditional delivery method?

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One Comment to “What is e-Learning and what is it not?”

  1. Nice post..
    A very common problem faced by most of the learning professionals. Certainly agree to your point, suitable learning medium should be chosen based on the content and effectiveness achieved. But, in today’s learning environment, business demands most of the content to be delivered in e-learning mode regardless of the effectiveness.
    Yes, i did face this situation, wherein the content required a different approach. However, i was able to convince the business on the pros and cons which helped me to take a right decision.

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