One Eared Customer Service

by newchapterlearning
The one eared approach to customer service.

The one eared approach to customer service.

It’s often quoted that we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Why is it then that some customer service providers aren’t making use of their ears to best effect with their customers?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated by service providers asking me to repeat myself. It’s annoying enough to be passed from pillar to post when dealing with call centres and having to repeat my query over and over without having an individual server not listening properly and then asking me to repeat what i’ve already said.

You’d think that with us having two ears, that this physiological trait would bring some additional psychological benefits. Why is it then that some people can’t use what’s at their disposal?

This blog very much links into my earlier blog ‘The Invisible Customer’

When you eventually get to speak to someone when it comes to getting served, how often have you given the full ‘life story’ of your query, only to find that you’re subsequently being asked questions that you’ve already answered within the body of the story itself? This is, I would suspect, mainly because you’re probably now being dealt with as part of a process and your individuality has now disappeared. It leaves me with two questions. Why haven’t you listened and at least shown some semblance of recall of what i’ve told you and if i’m calling you, why haven’t you listened and made notes?

At least by checking back with the customer and repeating back the parts of the ‘story’ they remember, the server gives the customer the illusion that they’ve been listened to and most likely, the customer will then fill in the gaps for them.

I appreciate that we all have busy lives and often have a multitude of things on our mind, but wouldn’t it be great if those employed to deliver service could manage any distractions, to give the customers they’re employed to serve, their full attention and concentrate on using the double advantage of those two ears.

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