Van Gogh style Evaluation

by newchapterlearning

van gogh evaluation

It’s often quoted that we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Why is it then that some training providers aren’t making use of their ears to best effect with their learners?

As a relatively new business, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by training providers who are delivering training targeted at new start up businesses, but who, whilst they clearly have experience and expertise in running businesses themselves, don’t have the same expertise in transferring that knowledge to learners in the most effective way.

It may be that their lack of experience in the training environment means that they are unaware of how to conduct training evaluation or perhaps they are afraid of getting any negative feedback or how to progress their course on the back of any feedback they receive – who knows.

Asking the right questions are the ideal way of enhancing your courses. It’s only by evaluating the learner experience and the ongoing impact of the learning, that we can learn how we can make our courses even better.

I appreciate that we all have busy lives and often have a multitude of things on our mind, but undervaluing the benefit of evaluation can have a detrimental effect, especially on small training businesses who rely on repeat business from an existing client base.

Show your clients and delegates that you care about the quality of the training you deliver. Let them see that their opinions matter, tell them how you’re continually improving your courses and then not only will they come back for more, they’re more likely to tell other people about your quality ethos too. That’s the power of evaluation, win-win. 

New Chapter Learning are a UK training consultancy who specialise in supporting the training industry to deliver quality learning solutions. 

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