Customer Service Training – The day after tomorrow.

by newchapterlearning
Does learning just happen in the training room?

Does learning just happen in the training room?

How many times have you been on a great training course and gone back to work really motivated and wanting to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice? How often have you then found, that after only a few days or weeks, that same motivation has gone, as the flames of passion for your subject is quelled by the disinterest of your manager or piers?

All too often businesses invest time and money in training courses, whether face to face or e-learning, in the belief that those few hours spent in that learning environment will produce miraculous results and change peoples skills and behaviours from the moment they complete the course and go on to have a miraculous and long lasting effect on their role and subsequent business performance.

If only this were true – then certainly a lot of training businesses would have gone out of business themselves long ago.

I believe that those first few hours or days in the training ‘room’ are in fact just the beginning of the learning journey and not the end. In terms of Customer Service training, the theories and skills learned during the training now need to be put into constant practice.

The most effective learning is where joint responsibility for learning is taken within a team and is supported culturally within the business itself. The responsibility to learn from each other and encourage and recognise successes, as well as the ongoing coaching and support from managers and leaders is a key component to success. Another essential element of any Customer Service training is that the importance of customer service and its’ effective delivery, is measurable or accountable down to individual level. This means that the delivery of great customer service remains a key focus for the learner on an ongoing basis and gives them a reason to keep developing this skill.

If you’re thinking about embarking on a new round of customer service training – before you do, ask yourself these two key questions:

– Why do we need to repeat the training?

– What’s going to be different that will keep the learning alive this time around?

If the answer to either of these questions is ” I don’t know” i’d recommend you find out and save yourself some money in the longer term, as well as significantly increasing the effectiveness of any learning program you do implement.

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