Great Customer Service – it only takes a small change to make a big difference

by newchapterlearning

I had a great Customer Experience today at the Thistle, County Hotel in Newcastle. I’d gone in early this morning in advance of a business meeting. I’d sat next to the restaurant area where hotel guests were enjoying breakfast. A friendly member of staff came across and asked if she could help.

I explained my situation and whilst I wasn’t a guest at the hotel, wondered if I could buy a pot of tea and some toast.

She told me that I definitely could and went off to get them for me. After a short wait she came back with my pot of tea and toast rack, complete with marmalade pots. When I asked how much I owed, she told me that I didn’t need to pay and went on to offer me pastries too.

How impressed was I?

Very – is the answer.

I’m not advocating that businesses should be giving freebies away to every customer, however, that very small gesture really made my day and everyone I’ve spoken to today has heard about my experience. Including the staff at a different hotel I had a meeting at this afternoon, where the service certainly didn’t match up to that of earlier in the day.

Social media is a powerful thing. I’m now telling thousands more people about it too. Imagine if businesses could energise their customers to become advocates just like me, how much advertising budget could they save, how many more new customers could they attract and how much happier would their existing customers be?

All for what was a very small change. – Giving Your Customers a Reason to Love You


One Comment to “Great Customer Service – it only takes a small change to make a big difference”

  1. Wonder if they have a lot of visitors today looking for a free breakfast?
    You are right in the potential viral effect of social media and I recognise that you’re not advocating freebies but how realistic and how regular or indeed how approved was this action that you were the fortunate recipient of?

    Great service is essential as a standard today not as a differentiator which in this case it clearly was…

    Did you leave a tip? 😉

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