InsideOut Leadership Development Program – Bringing Learning and Outdoor Activities Together

by newchapterlearning
Taking the learning InsideOut

Taking the learning InsideOut

BOOK NOW for InsideOut Leadership Development Program – Starting on 25th September – Moor House Adventure Centre Durham

Are you a manager who wants to be a leader? 

Do you want to lead your team and help it grow? 

Does the prospect of learning simple to understand and practical steps to become that leader sound interesting? 

Do you want to learn in a great environment and put your learning into immediate practice within an outdoor setting?

The InsideOut Leadership Development programme is designed with you in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or new to role – InsideOut is for managers who want to be effective leaders.

Because we want you to learn stuff that is useful, we won’t bore you with management theories or endless PowerPoints. Our programme is easy to understand, practical, engaging and fun. InsideOut gets you thinking and acting differently from the get go and keeps on building your knowledge and capability throughout the whole programme.

And it works! 

Our evaluation shows that the increase in knowledge after the course was:-
– Leadership Skills up by 116.8%
– Communication Skills up by 111.1%

These increases were described by the evaluation company Thomas Shepherd as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘off the scale’ and the Program comes as “highly recommended” by the Head of Operational Learning at Barclaycard.

There are four themes – You and your role, Celebrating Success, Sharing Skills and Moving Forward Together, which form the core and essence of what great leaders do.

Sitting in a classroom doesn’t work for me!

That’s okay, even our traditional learning activities are hosted in an outdoor setting and we mix up indoor and outdoor activities throughout the first day of the Program. We make sure that you have the opportunity to put all cerebral learning into immediate practice with some great outdoor activities.

Is it only a one day course?

Far from it. At New Chapter Learning we know that true learning takes time and doesn’t just happen at a training event.  For learning to stick it needs to become a habit and be practiced and embedded within your working day.

As Training professionals, with over 20 years experience managing the training life cycle for two major UK Banks, Michelle and Jacci know that learners need ongoing support after any training session in order to bring their learning to life.

How do we do this?

  • Action Plans – We work with you to develop clear action plans that you can take forward and implement immediately within your role.
  • Buzz Sessions – We give you a series of easy to run buzz sessions for you to use back at work with your team to really put your new Leadership Skills into practice.
  • Follow up Support – There’s also follow up support for the first 3 months to help you put all of that new knowledge into practice with your people.
  • A Learning Community – We know how easy it is to become demotivated and lose traction following any training, that’s why we’ve set up the InsideOut Learning Community. This is an exclusive Group for anyone who is working on the InsideOut Program. It allows you to share successes with other group members, learn from their experiences or even set up working parties where you can continue to meet and motivate each other as part of your ongoing personal development.

Investing time in your personal development is beneficial to you, your staff and your business.

Investment: £350 + VAT

InsideOut Leadership Development Program Level 1 – open event on 25th September 2013 Moor House Adventure Centre, Durham.

Booking closes on 25th August.

The first day of the Program includes refreshments, a buffet lunch – and cake!


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