Countdown to Zero on Customer Service

by newchapterlearning
Net Promoter Score - How you affect your customers' score.

Net Promoter Score – How you affect your customers’ score.

When it comes to measuring Customer Satisfaction, Customers start their interaction hoping they’ll be able to score us at a Ten, it’s only what we do throughout our interaction with them that keeps their score up there or that gradually erodes that score down to zero.  Have you ever taken the time to map out what it takes to get a 10 from your customers when it comes to Net Promoter Score (NPS)? What are the individual actions and expectations that they’re looking for you to deliver to give that perfect 10?  Have you taken the time to sit with your teams and tick off each one and make sure they have the clarity of understanding of how easy it is to start losing marks and moving down the NPS scale? Have you ever looked at your business through your customers eyes? What score would you give the Service you received? If it wasn’t a 10, what do you need to focus on to get it there and what help do you need?  Remember – Give your Customers a Reason to Love You. New Chapter Learning Ltd


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